Another less recognized benefit of Evolution Grow Led Lighting in the home garden is the reduced environmental impact.  Conventional HID lighting requires ongoing changes of costly and toxic bulbs which contain harmful chemicals and components.  Led grow lights require no bulb changes, Over the life of a Evolution Grow Led Light a HID light would requires as many as 20 bulb changes at up to $200 per bulb!  Not only can you save up to $4,000.00 in bulb changes, You can spare the environment from as many as 20 dangerous and toxic HID light bulbs.  So even if being more environmentally responsible does not effect your choice in lighting, Saving $4,000.00 on bulb changes likely will.

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The temperatures produced by grow lights can have a significant impact on the indoor grower in many ways.  In general temperatures exceeding 90*F can severely stunt the overall growth of plants leading to poor development and yields.  Another effect temperatures in the grow room can have is the added difficulty and cost of removing excess heat through additional ventilation and in some cases air conditioning.  Because led grow lights use far less energy they also create far less heat removing the need to combat additional heat.  Most Evolution Grow Led customers find that no heat management is needed at all.  Experience improved growth rates and yields all while removing the need for costly added ventilation or air conditioning.

Benefits of  Evolution Grow Led Plant Lights

Most led grow lights are advertised in "Rated Watts" leading to poor performance due to a lack of power.  The rated wattage of a led grow light represents the asbolute maximum amount of power the light could potentially handle before instantly destroying itself.  On average led grow lights operate at approximately 60% of the rated watts advertised.  Most people do not realize this and trust that the light they purchased will provide the amount of power/watts advertised. The end result is plants only receiving half of the power the grower believes they are receiving.  ALL Evolution Grow Led Lights are advertised in TRUE WATTS.  This True Power rating helps all Evolution Grow Led Lights to outperform almost any led plant lights advertised in the same power range.

Improved harvest quality and yields are very important to most indoor growers.  Working with limited space it is essential that the indoor garden produce as much as possible per growth cycle to maximize production.  Probably the most critical aspect of growing indoors is a highly effective and productive light source, Using inadequate lighting is almost a guarantee of a poor harvest.  With the Ultra-High Efficiency and Precision tuned light spectrum's produced by Evolution Led Grow lights a Bountiful harvest is as simple as the flip of a switch!  So why waste time with energy guzzling HID lights that produce more heat than light when you can turn your garden into a Super-Producer with our wide range of led grow lights specifically designed to Grow!

Another very crucial aspect of indoor grow lights is the amount of energy used in the process of growing.  Because grow lights are used heavily and for extended periods of time the amount of energy consumed is a big factor.  Led grow lights are able to deliver targeted spectrum specific wavelengths of light used by plants allowing far less energy to be used.  This reduced energy use quickly adds up to substantial savings to the home grower.  In many cases the initial cost of the led grow light can be recovered in less than a year through the monthly energy savings.  Evolution Grow Led Lights use approximately 70% less energy than the traditional HID lights while offering comparable results.